FPM News

Following the publication of articles in a number of media outlets regarding Mohammad Sawalha, Finsbury Park Mosque wishes to clarify a number of issues:

Mr. Sawalha was appointed as Trustee to Finsbury Park Mosque (also known as North London Central Mosque Trust) in 2005. His appointment was one of several authorized by the Charity Commission, and the existing Trustees. After his appointment Mr. Sawalha and other Trustees played an instrumental role in preparing for and implementing the removal of Abu Hamza’s supporters and restoring the Mosque to the community.

Since then, and over the past 12 years, Finsbury Park Mosque has been a hive of community work, engagement, collaboration and openness with all faiths, ethnicities and communities which make up the Borough of Islington. Finsbury Park Mosque has been awarded a number of prizes for its community work, has been endorsed by the Charity Commission for achieving the Visible Quality award, and has been lauded as an exceptional model for faith organisations and centres in the UK and around the world. Finsbury Park Mosque has also been the subject of numerous academic dissertations and thesis, as well as countless studies examining the concept of Faith hubs acting as safeguards against extremism, division and hatred among diverse sections of modern societies. The terrorist attack last June resulted in a public outpour of support and solidarity for both Finsbury Park Mosque and the local Muslim community. This represented the utmost testimony to how far the entire area has come in terms of community cohesion and collaboration. The Mosque welcomed solidarity visits from political leaders, some of which included visits made by the Prime Minister Theresa May, our local MP and the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and other Ministers and MPs, as well as faith leaders and the Metropolitan Police.

It would be remiss to ignore that Mr. Sawalha along with his colleagues, has been at the very heart of this collective achievement and has served the Board of Trustees, the Mosque and its local community diligently and exceptionally throughout the past 12 years.  

Finsbury Park Mosque is a British institution with absolutely no connections with any foreign entities whether religious, political or otherwise. As an individual of impeccable character who served the institution and was appointed to the Board of Trustees with police support, the Mosque has never felt the need to research Mr Sawalha’s personal life nor to investigate his political views or standpoints. As such, Finsbury Park Mosque refutes any suggestion that it is responsible or in any way demonstrated a dereliction of its duty.

Despite the recent media campaign against the Mosque; Finsbury Park Mosque is committed and determined to continue promoting community cohesion and to engage and foster the development of the local community.