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Finsbury Park Mosque


Everyone is welcome in Finsbury Park Mosque.


Everyone is welcome in Finsbury Park Mosque.

Welcome to Finsbury Park Mosque

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About FPM

Located two minutes’ walk from Finsbury Park underground station, and close to the Emirates Football Stadium, the main 5-storey mosque complex was opened to the public in 1993, then known as North London Central Mosque, at a ceremony attended by HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

Hall Hire

FPM extend a very warm welcome to all hall-hirers and their guests. The team at FPM endeavour to make the experience at the Centre a pleasant, positive and inspiring one. The hall may be booked for up to a full day, subject to availability.


At Finsbury Park Mosque, we have many activities for people from all walks of life. From classes to community gathering, you will explore and learn a lot when you join.

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Celebrating Ramadan Safely

Let us celebrate the Holly month of Ramadan safely and smartly, let’s work this year…
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Ramadan 2023 announcement

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow Thursday is the first day of Ramadan. Also…
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Our Street Iftar is back this Ramadan

Our Street Iftar is back Tuesday the 4th April from 6.15pm, a community event where…
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Resist Racism and stop Islamophobia public meeting at FPM

During the UN international day to combat Islamophobia, our joint public meeting with SUTR to:…
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Resist Racism and stop Islamophobia public meeting

Finsbury Park Mosque is calling a public meeting together with SUTR in North London on…
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A roundtable discussion between CPS and the Muslim community

A very frank and honest discussion between The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Chief Crown Prosecutor…
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Leading the way in building better
community relation

To create a harmonious environment and promote the enhancement of human values, spiritual attainment and faith in the Almighty, through a range of spiritual, social, cultural, educational and training activities.

To enable the community to develop greater self-confidence through a sense of belonging and renewed self-reliance.

To create unity through religion and celebrate diversity by reaching out and acting as a resource centre for the local communities, voluntary and statutory agencies and the wider community.

To endorse interfaith dialogue with other religious groups (and people of no faith) with a focus on clarifying misconceptions, finding common ground, and enhancing civil society through promoting core values of community, personal integrity, wisdom and love, care and compassion, justice and peace, and respect for one another and the earth.