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Finsbury Park Mosque
It is devastating and sad for the Finsbury Park Mosque to find itself brought into the news for alleged problems in the past rather than for their current positive role in their community and throughout the borough. It also makes them targets for hate mail and threats. Abu Hamza, the radical cleric, was expelled from the Mosque in 2005 and for the last ten years the Mosque has been a very different place. The new leadership have reached out to the community, are fully integrated into the Islington Faiths Forum and, with other faith organisations in the Borough of Islington, have been responsible for holding workshops on issues of mental health, poverty and homelessness. They run English and IT courses, especially for women and work with local Christian volunteers to help the homeless of the area. They are fully involved in Peace Month each September when representatives of different faiths go into schools to speak about peace and living together cooperatively. Mohammed Kozbar, the Chair of the Mosque and his colleagues are valued members of the Steering Committee of the Islington Faiths Forum and meetings are often held on their premises. The members of the Mosque participate in events organised by the Faiths Forum. Islington Faiths Forum wishes to state their support for Mohammed Kozbar and his colleagues at the Mosque.

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