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NEWS DESK20th January 2014Abusive website promoted by prospective Liberal Democrat candidateThe Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) strongly condemns the cartoon pictures of the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad (may peace be upon them) published on the website called ‘Jesus and Mo.’

Despite the attempts of the website to publish comments from various public figures in praise of the ‘religious satire’ posted on the site, the published material is -in the main- extremely offensive to believers of Islam and Christianity.

The depiction of the holy Prophets Muhammad and Jesus (the peace be upon them) is, we believe, as insulting as those published in Denmark and this organization urges all those responsible to recognize the offensive and potentially inflammatory nature of these cartoons and remove them from the Internet with immediate effect.

Whilst the Muslim Association of Britain recognizes the rights to free speech and artistic expression, we strongly question the wisdom of any individual or organization that places at risk the dignity and values of anyone else, even if they might not hold those values. Not only is this against the ethics of the Muslim Association of Britain, we believe that it is also against the values of British society.

In addition, we note with sincere regret that the chairman and co-founder of the Quilliam Foundation has given his support to the website and given their tacit approval to the material published. It is clear that he, who is the Liberal Democrat MP candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn, in no way represents or reflects the views and opinions of the vast majority of the Muslim community in Britain. We, therefore question why such an individual would be put forward to represent a constituency of people of different cultural backgrounds .

We are astonished that the Liberal Democrat Party would wish to be represented by someone who is insensitive and quite clearly not concerned about causing offence to religious communities. We therefore call on the Liberal Democrat leadership to reverse its decision to appoint this Muslim candidate who is clearly out of touch with the views and opinions of both Christian and Muslim groups.

The Muslim Association of Britain and many others in the UK, completely and utterly condemn the use of violence in any protest against those who publically hostile to our faith; however, we urge and encourage the British public to peacefully protest against those who would wish to insult any religious group be it – Christian, Muslim or any other.

We call on all sections of the Muslim community to voice their displeasure publicly about individuals – such as those affiliated to the Quilliam Foundation and indeed to anyone else who seeks to damage the cordial relations between different religious groups in this country.

Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, President of MAB said, “It is ironic that the Quilliam Foundation claims to promote pluralism; yet it’s chairman and co-founder: Maajid Nawaz isn’t concerned about promoting offensive material to Muslims. It is further ironic that Mr Nawaz – a former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir – is being put forward by the Liberal Democrats as potentially their first Muslim MP.”


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