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11 St. Thomas Road London N4 2QH

Every Sunday from 10:00 to 3:00pm Starting on the 10th Nov 

Prepare learners to take GCSE & A-level in Arabic Language:

In learning Arabic, students learn about structures, the cultural background of Arabic, ways of expressing ideas in two languages, translation skills, using ICT to learn a language, importance of accuracy in writing and other linguistic functions of languages where the culture of learning is encouraged and rewarded and celebrated, where giving potential students an opportunity to not only learn a new language but gain an insight into a different culture. Students will be able to understand a range of Arabic in a variety of contexts then facilitate literary study and acknowledges importance of Arabic- language culture


Souad Kouachi: Umm Rifqa.                

E-mail: soulaz99@yahoo.co.uk                                          Mob: 07921 564150

Naima: Umm Youcef.                             

E-mail: naima.benzouaou@gmail.com                          Mob: 07401 991177