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MAB annual Community Iftar at Finsbury Park Mosque

MAB annual Community Iftar at Finsbury Park Mosque


MAB organised a successful Community Iftar on 6th July 2015. The President of MAB, Dr Omer

El-Hamdoon, and Vice-President, Mohammed Kozbar, were delighted to welcome it’s honoured guests who hold different positions in society – from teachers, imams, police officers to activists – and enjoying a good time with them all, including MP Jeremy Corbyn.

In these good times, talks where given and reminders circulating, including on the importance of maintaining a nice community feeling by inviting our friends and learning about our religions and cultures.

Our friends shared with us not just meals but a community feeling and continuous hopes of strong unity – a message that is ever more needed in a time where unfortunately Muslims are becoming increasingly marginalised and often viewed upon with suspicion and fear in Britain.

MAB’s Community Iftar was a nice gathering that sent the message of hope; that we will not allow the media, politicians or anyone else to break our humanity and we will come to celebrate each other’s unique ways of expressing several British identities.

We thoroughly enjoyed our big event and hope to see this year’s honoured guests and new friends next year, God willing!

Warmest greetings of ‘salaam’, peace, to everyone.

MAB Office








British Muslims to welcome month of Ramadan

British Muslims to welcome month of Ramadan

British Muslims to welcome month of Ramadan – a month of compassion, charity and self control

From tomorrow, British Muslims will join over a billion Muslims all over the world in a month of fasting, charity and solidarity. Key facts about Ramadan can be found here.

For one month, Muslims will fast from dawn until sunset. In the UK, Ramadan falls during the summer months and the fasting day could last some 19 hours.

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued advice to Muslims to stay healthy during this Ramadan and advice for employees, employers and others to cope with the long fasts: http://www.mcb.org.uk/ramadan/ramadan-and-you/

In issuing this advice, Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “As a retired doctor, healthcare during Ramadan is very important to me. It is important for us to be responsible in the way we fast and take care of our bodies.”

Remembering God, Giving to Charity

In his Ramadan message, Dr Shuja Shafi also said: “Ramadan is a month of devotion to prayers, patience, reflection and charity. It is also a great time for interfaith work and sharing our best practises with those not of the Muslim faith”

This is a month where Muslims will excel themselves in extraordinary acts of charitable giving. Millions of pounds will be raised. As we start hungry during fasting hours, we remember the plight of those who have no choice but to be hungry.

Many mosques will be opening their doors to the public and inviting in neighbours, regardless of faith, to join them in evening meals to break the fast (Iftar).

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) wishes all those participating a blessed, spiritual and peaceful Ramadan.


Notes to Editors

1. *This year Ramadan is expected to either start on the 18th or 19th June. The start of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the moon. Different Muslim communities will start the month depending on their interpretation of moon sighting.

2. ‘Iftar’ is the time when Muslims break their fast at the time of sunset

Finsbury Park Mosque opened its doors to its neighbours for the 6th consecutive year

Finsbury Park Mosque opened its doors to its neighbours for the 6th consecutive year

For the sixth year on a row, Finsbury Park Mosque held its annual Neighbourhood open day & the school open day on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th of June 2015. around 400 people attended the day and around 100 students from different schools from Islington visited the Mosque on Monday.

Our local MP, Jeremy Corbyn, well known British journalist Peter Oborne and Councillors Caroline Russell and Andy Hall among many other guests including members from Churches, Community Centres, Islington Faith Forum and charities who attended and showed great support to the activities. Different exhibitions, presentation about the mosque activities, hennah for girls as well as Arabic calligraphy were offered by the mosque to the visitors. Our girls from the mosque youth club preformed few songs about Ramadan in front of the guests and others offered sweets and biscuits with tea, coffee & drinks. Many of the guests have been to a Mosque for the first time. Hundreds of leaflets about Islam and Muslim community been distributed.

This year, we have few stalls from our supporters Islington council, Islington Police, the fire brigade, WAMY and our sponsor Human Appeal.

Mohammed Kozbar, the chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque praised the event, he said that such initiatives will bring people closer to each other and clear the misconception about the Muslim community and the religion of Islam and build bridges between the local communities, he mentioned that the atmosphere was really cohesive and friendly and thanked all our neighbours, schools, sponsors, volunteers and partners who made this event a success.

Mr Kozbar added “As a Muslim community, we have a responsibility to engage more and to reach out to the wider community and testify the true reality of the faith of Islam”.

Finsbury Park Mosque sixth annual neighbourhood open day on Sunday 14th June 2015

Finsbury Park Mosque sixth annual neighbourhood open day on Sunday 14th June 2015

We are glad to announce that our sixth annual neighbourhood open day will be taking place on Sunday 14/6/2015 where we expect more than 500 people from our local community to attend, and we would like to invite you all to join us in this special day to know each other more and build bridges between our communities.

Last year, we had a fantastic event when groups, families and individuals visited our centre and enjoyed our exhibition, films and tour in the mosque as well as henna and graffiti (name written in Arabic style) and we expected this to happen again this year with more attractive functions to take place. We will also have stalls from the local Police and Islington Council and thanks to the fire brigade who agreed to bring a fire engine to be available during the day for awareness and to take pictures as well. Our Imams will be happy to answer any questions and inquiries related to the religion of Islam.

Please find attached the details of the event and we look forward to meeting with you on the day.







open day 2015

The virtues of Shaban

The virtues of Shaban

Today 19th May 2015 is the begining of Shaban

The virtues of Shaban are a gift from Allah the Bountiful, the Bestower.

Osama son of Zaid –May Allah be pleased with them- said: I said O messenger of Allah: I didn’t see, you Fasting in any month as saw you do in Shaban?

He -peace and blessings be upon him- said: “That’s a month the people neglect it between Rajab and Ramadan, and in that month- Shaban- the people deeds are raised to the Lord of mankind, so I love to be fasting, while my deeds are raised.”

Narrated Aisha: “Allah Apostle used to fast till one would say that: he would never stop fasting! And he would abandon fasting till one would say that: he would never fast! I never saw Allah’s Apostle fasting for a whole month except the month of Ramadan and didn’t see him fasting in any month more than in the month of Shaban”[Bukhari]

The prophet’s fast in Shaban: whereas Shaban is considered as a preparation for Ramadan, it’s preferable for Muslim to fast some days in it.

«كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يصوم حتى نقول لا يفطر، ويفطرحتى نقول لا يصوم، فما رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم استكمل صيام شهر إلا رمضان ، وما رأيته أكثر صياما منه في شعبان»

Imam Ibn Rajab (one of Muslims scholars) said: “as to the prophet’s fasting during the year, he used to fast in Shaban more than any other month” [lata’ef el ma’aref]

Imam AlSanany said: “this hadith proves that the prophet -peace and blessings be upon him- was fasting in Shaban more than any other month” [sobol el salam]

Navigating Extremes: Muslims in the Middle

A seminar exploring the implications of increasing

counter terror legislation and rising extremism, and how

peaceful Muslims caught in the middle can navigate the

terrain drawing on the middle path traditions of Islam.

Saturday 30th May 2015 | *2pm-6pm*

London Muslim Centre | 4th Floor Seminar Room

Topics & Speakers:

Understanding the Counter Terror Legislation and how it affects ordinary Muslims

  • MCB Panel of Dr. Shuja Shafi (Secretary General), Harun Rashid Khan (Deputy-Secretary General), Khalid Sofi (Legal Affairs), and Miqdaad Versi (Assistant Secretary General)

How can the peaceful majority of Muslims get their voice heard?

  • Neil Jameson (CEO, Citizens UK)

Islam’s Middle Path: Between Rejection & Extremism

  • Dr. Abdul Bari (London Muslim Centre)
  • Imam Abdullah Hasan (BISCA)

Who is the course for?

  • Community organisers and activists who face questions on this topic
  • Mosque representatives seeking to provide guidance to their congregation on this issue
  • Educational institutions and teachers, who may be facing questions on extremism
  • Anyone else who wants to understand how to avoid becoming innocent victims of extreme legislation or extremist ideology.

Course Fee?

Booking is free but registration is required.

How to Register


2pm – 6pm
Key Contacts

If you would like to find out more information about ICBI please contact Sara Corda (Administrator) via e: admin@mcb.org.uk or t: 0207 492 4987

Delivery Partners

We are grateful to the London Muslim Centre for providing the venue for this program.

About the MCB

The Muslim Council of Britain is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body with over 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools. it is an inclusive umbrella organisation that represents the interests of Muslims in Britain.

It was founded in 1997, and is pledged to work for the common good of society as a whole. Over the years it has built its reputation on consultation, co-operation and co-ordination among Muslim institutions and concerned Muslims in Britain. It aims to enable the Muslim community to realise its full potential by participating in and contributing to the wider society.

The Institutional Capacity Building Initiative (ICBI) is an important initiative towards achieving this aim.

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