FPM News

We are pleased to announce that Eid Aladha will be this Tuesday 20th July, we wish our community a blessed Eid full of happiness, peace & prosperity.

Eid Prayer Times are as follows:

1st Jama’ah 7:00 AM      Shaykh Chokri Magouli   (Arabic)

2nd Jama’ah 8:00 AM    Br Mustafa Mansoor (English)

3rd Jama’ah 9:00 AM     Shaykh Omar Mohamud (Arabic)

4th Jama’ah 10:00 AM     Dr Mohamed Said  (English)

For the safety of our congregation, we encourage everyone to wear the face mask while inside the Mosque and to bring your own prayer mats. Also to keep the social distancing if possible.
Children are allowed to the Mosque accompanied by their parents. Toilets and Wudu facilities are available.

We wish you and your family a pleasant Eid.

Free parking in below roads on Eid day From 8.30am to 1pm

Finsbury Park Mosque 7-11 St. Thomas’s Road N4 2QH

St. Thomas’s Road
Prah Road
Romilly Road
Plimsoll Road
Monsell Road
Chatterton Road
Gillespie Road
Quill Road
Ambler Road