FPM News

In partnership with Islington Council, Islington Faiths Forum & MWH, today Finsbury Park Mosque embarked on raising awareness about the Government covid-19 safety measures and social distancing. Having been alerted of the issues occurring on Blackstock Road and around, a group of our volunteers put out posters outside shops, City and Islington College and the Library as well as handing out over 150 small flyers in Arabic and English. The team were able to speak and listen to those who were hanging out on the street and explaining to them how crucial they stay home and implement social distancing.
Khalid Oumar, one of FPM trustees who led this intiative said,
“It was necessary for the mosque to do something about people ignoring the Government instruction and local authority advice but it was equally important to highlight the social injustice that some were experiencing in the community such as homelessness, hardship and hopelessness that is evident on Blackstock Road.”