FPM News

In Service of the Community:

The Safe Neighbourhood Challenge prize organised by the Metropolitan Police every year , was given to FPM youth club this year 2009 on their project of ‘Clean Up Day’ which served the local community. FPM Youth Club carried out the clean up twice where the young people went out in the surrounding streets to pick up litter and clean up graffiti with environment friendly sprays.

With such a brilliant idea, the youth have entered the challenge of the Met Police and competed with many other organisations. They got the first place and they received their prizes in a big celebration carried out by the Safe Neighbourhood team and other police departments

The youth club received a trophy and a £ 1000 cheque in addition to appreciation certificates distributed to the youth. Arsenal Football Club (AFC) who also supported the idea and who is in a partnership with the FPM youth club gifted the mosque a picture signed by its players.