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Finsbury Park Mosque works in partnership with a range of local services (Islington Council, Islington Police, Islington hate crime forum, Islington College & Islington Faith Forum) to ‘bring communities’ together. This is reflected in work that we do with homeless people, young people and opening up our Centre to the wider public.

In recent years Hate Crime has been affecting whole communities and destroying lives. Hate Crime causes real fear to the victims and witnesses.  If these crimes are not tackled, it can lead to isolation and victimisation of vulnerable groups along with the polarisation of communities.

To make our communities safer, raising community confidence and encouraging people to report hate crime must be a priority not just for the police and council but also for all services working with residents and communities in Islington.

Over the period April 2013-March 2016, 1878 individuals have been victimised in Islington, 62.2% of them live in the borough.

However, let us remember that a lot of Hate Crime remains under reported or not seen as Hate Crime.

We would like to invite you to our public meeting titled “Islington Together against hate crime” on Tuesday 29th November from 6.30 – 8.30pm, the programme starts 7pm which aims;

* Show a united front between statutory, voluntary and community services to reducing all hate crime and working with all communities and faith to challenge hate crime.

* Support communities to report hate crime and encourage communities to come forward to feel safe and secure in reporting and know that the reports will be taken seriously.

* Raise community concerns and share experiences so that we can develop good practice.

All welcome