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Chairman addressed councillors in LGA conference titled “Leading communities through crisis”

The chairman of the Mosque Mohammed Kozbar today addressed Councillors and leaders of councils and other representatives of different organizations from all over the country in the annual Local Government Association (LGA) conference in Birmingham, the session titled “Leading communities through crisis” with:
Cllr David Simmonds, Conservative Group Leader, Local Government Association and Deputy Leader, London Borough of Hillingdon.
Cllr Richard Watts, Leader, London Borough of Islington.
Cllr Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader, Manchester City Council
Cllr Peter John, Leader, London Borough of Southwark.
They talked about how communities responded to the terrorist attacks in Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park area, and how community organizations worked in partnership with the local authorities and showed leadership through out this very difficult time, it was received very well by the audience.



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