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There are about 5 million people who live alone in the U.K. especially the elderly who are more likely to suffer loneliness and depression as we are heading toward Christmas. The condition is made worse by the weather as it gets colder.

Therefore, we urge the community and in particular our congregation to make efforts to visit our lovely neighbours and people who might be most vulnerable in our community.

Please note some useful suggestions when you are arranging a visit to anyone in your locality:

1. Have a conversation with them, listen to them carefully and show empathy. When people are lonely they would love to chat with people
2. Take a small gift: there is nothing more heartwarming for a person who is feeling lonely than a gift. Get them a small present like a fruit basket, a card, seasonal gifts etc.
3. Offer to take them to their weekly shopping or take their shopping list and bring them their weekly food essentials.
4. Offer them a hot meal from your food. One meal a day for our neighbours is very little for you but it could be a life saver.
5. Asking them if they need anything else. Listen to them carefully. They may need help their laundry, Ironing clothes, clearing rubbish or general house cleaning. Please volunteer your services to make their life a little bit happier.
6. Arrange for more visits in the near future and let them know that you would like to come back and see them again. Talk to them about any future arrangements you offer them.

Let us eliminate loneliness in our communities this Christmas by loving neighbours, caring for them and sharing our food and money with them. as our Prophet Mohammed PBUH teaches us, We cannot claim to be a good Muslim if we sleep with our stomach full while our neighbours sleep cold and hungry and spend all their time feeling lonely.