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6th June 2013

MAB warns against rise
in anti-Muslim rhetoric

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) expresses its deepest sympathy and support to the worshippers of Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill, which was destroyed in a fire in the early hours of Wednesday. Fire crews report to have seen the letters ‘EDL’ graffitied on the side of the building.
Dr Omer El-Hamdoon, President of MAB, stated: “The incident is strongly suggestive of a hate crime against Muslims, although no-one has yet owned up to this despicable act. It is fortunate that the centre was not in use at the time. The local community will take comfort from the reassuring words of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and MP Theresa Villiers, but will be feeling particularly isolated, vulnerable and angry now that a key source of community cohesion has – literally – gone up in smoke.”

He welcomed the condemnation of the attack by English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson; although warned that the rhetoric of the EDL is provocative and has to change to avoid radicalising individuals to criminal behaviour. He also welcomed messages of support from other communities.
“Labelling this crime as a ‘terrorist’ attack which is currently being investigated by counter-terrorism police is an important shift in the way we view terrorism and its sources.”
“Most mosques around the country, such as Al-Rahma Islamic Centre help to bring people from different backgrounds, social classes and ethnicities together in unity. They help to bring inner peace, a sense of purpose and promote values that benefit wider societies. This nation needs more mosques, from where messages of co-existence can reach as many as possible to counteract terrorism, and its causes.”

Following this incident, the MAB calls upon:
• Muslims and non-Muslims to avoid jumping to conclusions regarding the incident before relevant investigations have been concluded.

• The British Government to look seriously at legislation to protect Muslims from such hate crime which is becoming more common and violent in nature.

• Mosque leaders and congregations to follow the Prophetic example of making mosques community centres, where all people are made to feel welcome, and serving those around them in goodness and humility.

• MAB also calls for the media to play its part in promoting positive examples and voices from amongst Muslims instead of propping up extremist ones keen to divide communities.
Muslim Association of Britain
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Notes to Editors:
MAB is a British organisation dedicated to serving society through promoting Islam in its spiritual teachings, ideological and civilising concepts, and moral and human values. MAB has local branches across the UK that provide a wide range of events and activities.
MAB actively seeks to dispel the misconceptions about Muslims and helps to act as a bridge to promote better understanding between the UK and the Muslim World.
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