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As a Community Centre, we can not underestimate the affect that the benefit changes will have on the lives of many Londoners including many of our community members.
There is no budget for the workshops though some light refreshments could be provided. The workshops would be no more than three hours. I have listed the names of the workshops below.
More than 20 sisters who attended the session found it very helpful, where discussion took place on issues like:

1.- What are priority and non-priority debts?
· What to do when you are in debt
· What are the methods creditors use to recover debts and how can we help ourselves.

2.- How to create a personal budget sheet and save money
· How to calculate a personal budget sheet
· 29 ways-tips to save money

3.- Income maximisation
· How to make your money go further by going through the benefits system and eligibilities.

4.- Fuel (Gas and Electricity)
· How to save money on gas and electricity.
· How to manage fuel debts and grants







Finsbury Park Mosque organised a training session for sisters section, Wednesday 16/1/13 in money management and the changes that are about to take place in the benefits system.