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5 August 2014

The Muslim Council of Britain commended Baroness Sayeda Warsi who resigned today as Senior Minister of State for Faith and Communities. Baroness Warsi resigned from government by stating: “I can no longer support Government policy over Gaza.”


Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, praised Baroness Warsi over her decision and paid tribute to her role as a Minister: “Baroness Warsi made a difficult decision in resigning from the Government. But her decision reflects the common humanity that exists in her own party and across the political spectrum, all horrified by the brutality of the Israeli war machine against the people of Gaza. Our government can no longer remain oblivious to the concerns of the British public. It must speak out more firmly against the government in Tel Aviv and pressurise them to stop their bloody campaign and end the siege on Gaza.”


Praising Baroness Warsi’s work as a Minister, Dr Shafi said: “Baroness Warsi has worked extremely hard as a Minister, not in only representing our country so well in Muslim countries and at international forums, but also in bringing faith communities together here in the UK. She has also worked hard for British Muslims, from highlighting the contribution of Muslims in the First World War to supporting Islamic Finance.


Being the first Muslim to be a chair of the Conservative Party and a member of Cabinet, Sayeeda Warsi has certainly been a role model to Muslims around the country. May she continue to be so.”




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