FPM News

Finsbury Park Mosque and St Thomas Church arranged an interfaith exchange on Sunday 29th January with over 20 people participating, increasing understanding and friendship between Christians and Muslims neighbours of all backgrounds in Islington.

Members of the Finsbury Park Mosque congregation visiting St. Thomas’s Church were given a tour of the church, a talk on its history and an opportunity to mingle and meet with regular church-goers at St Thomas’s.

At the same time, Finsbury Park Mosque will be hosting members of St Thomas’s Church congregation on their annual ‘Visit My Mosque’ open day on Sunday 5 February 2017.

Khalid Oumar, the secretary trustee at Finsbury Park Mosque said, “it is a pleasure for us to be here today visiting our local church and meeting our neighbours, this is not the first visit to the church and won’t be the last, faith plays a major role in many people’s lives and it is imperative that we learn about one another”.