FPM News

Yesterday was all about respect each other and show unity against those who are desperate to divide us and spread hatred, fear and division, 3rd of April, instead of call it “Punish a Muslim Day” it should be a day of unity against #islamophobia and hatred, all speeches outside Islington Town Hall were great and supportive to the Muslim community, Finsbury Park Mosque volunteers distributed roses to the public during the event with a message of unity and Kindness, well done #Islington. 

We also received a message of support from  Jeremy Corbyn MP:
“As you gather together to extend your solidarity to the community, I pay tribute to you all and express my utter disgust that your faith is under attack.
I am immensely proud to represent a multi-faith, multicultural and multi-lingual part of our country.
All communities in Finsbury Park – as across London and the UK – make a wonderful contribution to our way of life.
We are at our best when we unite, all of us, of all faiths and none. An attack on you, or any part of our community, is an attack on us all and we will not tolerate it under and circumstances.
You will always have my full support.”