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The blessed and most virtuous month of the year is upon us again. Last year we were unable to hold Taraweeh due to Covid 19. However, after careful planning, FPM will be holding Tarawih prayers this Ramadan for brothers and sisters InshAllah but with limited capacity and restrictions. For your safety and wellbeing, there are a number of Covid measures in place.

1- It will be first come first enter, we won’t be able to allow anyone to enter for prayers when the Mosque is full.

2- It is a requirement to wear a face mask while inside the Mosque and to bring your own prayer mats, also to bring with you a bag to carry your shoes as the shoe racks are unavailable.

3- There will be no washing facilities available on site, so please make sure you have Wudu when you come to the Mosque.

4- Social distancing should be maintained while you are in the Mosque.

5- Please sanitise your hands upon entry, sanitising stations are available at the Mosque entrances.

6- If you or members of your household have Covid symptoms please pray at home and do not come to the Mosque.

7- No children under 12 years old are allowed to the Mosque.

The above measures are for your safety and wellbeing, please be mindful of the situation we are faced with and help us prevent the spread of virus. May Allah accept your efforts and keep us safe. Have a blessed Ramadan