FPM News

8 Jan 2021 – After very careful consideration and in consultation with Islamic scholars, Medical Professionals and other Mosques and centres and despite the Government allowing places of worship to remain open even under the new lockdown restrictions, our concern about the very high levels of COVID-19 locally has led us to take the difficult decision to close our Mosques for prayers from Saturday 9 January 2021.

We will review our decision after two weeks, and thereafter keep the situation under constant review.

This decision has not been taken lightly. But just as in last March, when we and many other mosques closed even before the Government announced a national lockdown, we’re putting the safety of our congregation, community members, our staff and volunteers above our desire to maintain communal worship. Our religion teach us that the preservation of life is of the utmost importance and a key governing principle used to formulate rulings in the Shari’ah, as is the case here.

We will continue supporting our local communities by keeping the اhelp line number for advice, bereavement and counselling, also we will continue the “meal for all” project to provide hot meal to those who are in need every Monday from 5-7pm.

Please follow us on social media as well as monitoring our websites for the latest information.

May Allah SWT bestow His mercy upon us, protect us from calamity. Ameen

Finsbury Park Mosque