FPM News
For the 2nd time, FPM organised an “Autism Hour” event in partnership with the Muslim Council of Britain. The Families enjoyed the activities which included an introduction about the five pillars of Islam, a short documentary on Autism from a religious perspective and a tour in the mosque which ended by listening to the call for prayer (Azan) by one of the students at the Mosque school.
The Autism Hour is for autistic individuals and their families to have access to the mosque and any other place of worship, in an autistic friendly environment. This will help autistic people to navigate the mosque and to enable some understanding of what the mosque is about. It will also open the door to talking about autism and reduce isolation for autistic people and their families in order to change the mindset and actions of all of us through educating, raising awareness and understanding and by being inclusive and supportive to one of the most vulnerable people of our communities.