FPM News

We are pleased to announce that Eid Alfitr will be on

Monday 2nd May, we wish our community a blessed Eid full of happiness, peace & prosperity.

Eid prayer Times are as follows:

1st Jama’ah 08:00 AM      Ustadh Mustafa Mansour (English)

2nd Jama’ah 09:00 AM    Shaykh  Omar Mohamud (Arabic)

3rd Jama’ah 10:00 AM     Shaykh  Mohamed Said  (English)

4th Jama’ah 11:00 AM     Shaykh Chokri Magouli (Arabic)

It is recommended that you pay Zakat-ul-Fitr (Fitrana) early, at the minimum amount of £7 per person. This can be paid at the Mosque before the Eid Jama’ah.

Eid Mubarak to All.