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Finsbury Park Mosque one of the recipients of the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Jubba Youth Community Association we have been awarded the Young Londoners Fund. Our project “Say No to Gangs and Knife Crime in Islington”, will divert young people from a potential gang membership and provide the support to those who are at risk of criminal activity and help them to make better, positive life choices.


Our aim is to give our young people the chance to achieve their aspirations by offering variety of projects and activities such as a weekly class in conflict resolution together with support, mentoring, free training workshops and referrals, e.g. to drug/alcohol counselling.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan says, “By investing in projects, and young people, that are dedicated to giving young Londoners an opportunity to get involved in positive activities, we can work to help every child and teenager at risk off the streets, and away from the dangers of crime.


You can read the full press release from the GLA here.