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Finsbury Park Mosque and Muslim Welfare House have been providing regular support to the victims of the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park. Coordinated through the Finsbury Park Victims Voice Forum (FPVVF), the two mosques have been organising, amongst other things, home visits, translation services, referrals, legal help and advice, connection with relevant agencies and services, representation, help with benefits, re-housing, jobs, and befriending.
Victims and family members have met to share information, discuss issues and update on recovery of victims and service provisions available to them.  Through a separate project, Seven Sisters Recovery, victims are given specific advocacy help, dealing with long-term mental issues. Officials from the local authority, police and other services have also been invited to discuss issues directly with the victims.
Siddiq Yusuf, victim support coordinator from the Muslim Welfare House said “Many of the victims are in a fragile state suffering from physical injuries and the trauma of the attack. They require constant support, help and advice. We are trying our best to offer what we can to help ease their difficulties.”
Khaled Oumar, trustee of the Finsbury Park Mosque and a lead person helping the victims said “Had it not been for the role of the local community and our mosques, the victims would remain helpless – not knowing their rights and help available to them. We have specifically focused on advocacy help which is key to finding long term settlement of the victims.”