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United against fascism and Finsbury Park Mosque organised a public event (Stand up to racism, fascism and Islamophobia) on Tuesday 28th January 2014 where around one hundred people from the local community in Islington representing different communities and background attended the event. The event chair was Councillar Claudia Webbe ( equalities champion).  Our guest speakers including Mohammad Kozbar the director of Finsbury Park Mosque, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Despina Karayianni,(Greek anti-fascist organisation, KEERFA) and Weyman Bennett, UAF addressed the Increasing Islamaphobia and other forms of racism in the UK and Europe, also they discussed the European elections in May 2014 which will provide an opportunity for political parties to compete with each other in their demands for anti-immigration policies, and the increasing ‘blame-game’ for housing shortages and falling living standards and wages, also the growth in influence of the Islamaphobic English Defence League.                                                                                                                  Some questions and comments been taken by the audience. Stand up to  Islamophobia -2Stand up to  Islamophobia -2Stand up to  Islamophobia -2


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